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Are You a Smart Home Buyer?
All real estate is local...........even sub-local

Did you know that there were areas in Columbus that had significant appreciation last year?  What about two different subdivisions in the same school district; one appreciating the other depreciating less than a mile away from one another!
Which neighborhood would you buy in?!

Welcome to the Van Steyn Group's Smart Home Buyer System

Buying a home is the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime.

We created the system because of the growing concern over the residential real estate market.  Many of the companies we provide corporate relocation for voiced their concerns about the volatility of the Columbus housing market and the safety of their new employees investment.  We decided to license the most powerful statistical software available pertaining to residential real estate "Broker Metrics".  We are one of only two groups licensed in Central, Ohio to use this software.  The data is not pulled by a "bot" from public information, but is a direct link to the Columbus MLS system giving our clients the most accurate housing information available. 

The statistical data we use shows our clients exactly what's occurring in the sub-market in which they are interested in purchasing.  Just because a city or an area is suffering doesn't mean the entire market in that area is down.  As mentioned we have seen two different subdivisions less than a mile apart have a drastic discrepancy in appreciation.  We can show our clients what's occurring in a specific  subdivision or even a street and compare it to the rest of the market.

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